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Get unlimited inbound customer introductions without using slimy 'leadgen' methods or chasing the latest shiny object.

You have authority. You now deserve the influence in your customer's world that makes you insanely attractive to engage with.

When you invite leaders to be celebrated on your 'stage,' you’ll have a line of leaders & decision-makers longer than you’ve ever dreamed.

Those who excel in this world have a heart of generosity. If this is you, there is NO REASON for you to engage in amateur lead-gen tactics ever again.

Here is what we'll create together!

Deliverable #1: Your hidden dream list

We’ll help you achieve laser-like clarity on who is and isn’t your dream client. Once you have that clarity, we’ll reveal just how many of your ideal clients are in your current network. They're just busy - and waiting for the right invite.

Next, we'll reveal exactly what to say by leveraging podcasting (as the host) that will evoke months of your ideal activity and sales from your existing lists. The entire FastStart engagement should take 3 weeks.

Deliverable #2: VIP Reflex Trigger

We’ll give you an outreach invitation to potential guests that will deliver consistent and predictable conversations with leaders for the rest of your life.

Deliverable #3: Generosity Plan

Those who do the most business with high-level leaders today have a generosity plan. We’ll show you how to maximize your sales by giving value in advance.

Deliverable #4: Velvet Rope Access

One-time trip behind the velvet rope access to the UpMyInfluence network of leaders and decision-makers. We’ll promote you to our incredible list.

Deliverable #5: 90-Day Execution Plan

Once you have all of these items, you’ll need to prioritize your focus. So, we’ll give you an execution plan (for moving forward) that covers four options for taking action on the interest you evoke:

  • Host a summit/event

  • Build a social media collaboration plan

  • Build your own podcast infrastructure

  • We'll build everything with you

Once you have these five deliverables, you have three options:

  • Take the execution plan and execute it yourself.

  • Have someone else execute the plan for you.

  • If we mutually agree, we’ll invite you to join the UpMyInfluence PodCa$h Leader network, and we’ll execute for you.

Bonus Deliverables:

You also get these three bonuses whether you continue with UpMyInfluence or not.

  • 🎁 BONUS #1: List of A.I. tech stack to do the podcast heavy lifting. It's never been easier and more cost-efficient to leverage podcasting.

  • 🎁 BONUS #2: A guide on how to convert podcast guest / host conversations into sales with 100% integrity and a Go-Giver's heart.

  • 🎁 BONUS #3: We'll connect you as a podcast guest into our network of over 200 podcasts! You deserve to be seen and celebrated! Our hosts are successful leaders, connectors, and collaborators with engaged audiences.

Join our network of leaders in this amazing 21-Day program:

  • Our promotion schedule is first come, first serve. The sooner you activate, the sooner we can get you in our promotion schedule and start making connections with you.

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Q: Doesn’t it take a while to build a profitable audience?

A: You don’t need an audience to start with to grow your business with podcasting. You just need a list of ideal clients to interview and collaborate with on your podcast. You also don't need to worry about this in our PodCa$h Leader FastStart. We're just testing the concept.

Q: Doesn’t podcasting take a lot of time and effort?

A: Don't worry about starting a podcast right now. In our PodCa$h Leader FastStart, you're just floating the idea of starting one - to gauge interest from potential ideal connections. We'll use that interest to help decide our next steps.

We Believe...

  • We believe everyone has a message they can share with the world.

  • We believe you shouldn’t have to play slimy games just to get your message out.

  • We believe if you’re good enough, you should be able to network effortlessly.

  • We believe good people feel forced to use bad methods because someone told them they had to.

  • We believe your guests and audience want to be valued – seen and heard – not just another cha-ching in your bank account.

  • We believe VIPs should be treated like VIPs because they are VIPs.

  • We believe that scripts & tricks make VIPs feel cheapened.

  • We believe great leaders deserve to be recognized.

  • We believe you shouldn’t have to pay to get the recognition you deserve.

  • We believe when you invite leaders to be celebrated by your audience, you’ll have a line of leaders longer than you’ve ever dreamed.