Production credits for services

This page is for members only. Most of the prices below are 1/3 our typical rates.

Podcast production - One credit per podcast

  • We'll edit your episode. Just supply the recording via dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom Cloud, etc…
  • We'll professionally produce the audio with your intro/outro.
  • We'll produce your basic show notes.
  • We'll host the podcast (audio) itself for life on our professional podcast host.
  • We'll distribute the show and ensure it's heard on all major podcast directories and podcast player apps.
  • 1 credit per 30 minutes of produced audio with a minimum of 1 credit per episode.
  • If you go beyond 30 minutes, we'll apply the minutes of editing from another 30-min credit.

Content for Social Media - One credit per podcast

  • We go through your podcast interview Zoom video, and pick two great ‘mic drop' moments to be repurposed, creating custom social media-friendly videos.
  • 10 gorgeous pieces of content (per podcast guest) to share and tag your guests on your social media platforms for each credit!
  • 2 different video clips in 3 different formats: landscape, square, and horizontal using your own custom branding. Captions included!
  • Still image promoting the show with you and your guest in 3 different dimensions: landscape, square, and horizontal using your own custom branding.
  • The full video with your branding promoting the episode and your show.
  • 72-business hour turnaround
  • We may do some additional editing to make it really perform for social
  • We'll custom design a beautiful template to showcase your content
  • See specs and examples here.
  • This service is for the video/image assets only. If you want us to create and schedule your posts for you (tagging your guest) please purchase/redeem an additional credit for each guest/episode - and we'll take care of everything.

Writing and scheduling social media posts - One credit per podcast

  • We'll create and schedule your posts for you (tagging your guest)
  • We will schedule each piece of content created from each podcast into your social media accounts.
  • Facebook pages & groups (horizontal)
  • Instagram stories (vertical) and posts (square)
  • Twitter posts (horizontal)
  • LinkedIn posts (horizontal)

Podcast Blog posts - Two credits per podcast

  • Full show transcript (human edited)
  • Links for guest company, any other products or services mentioned
  • Links to all podcasting platforms
  • Embed the individual episode audio player
  • We will post to your blog
  • We'll create a social media post linking to your blog article. We can handle scheduling the post with scheduling service above.

Podcast guest placements - Two credits per podcast

  • Tell us the sorts of shows you want to appear on.
  • We research great placements for you and begin personal communication with the host.
  • Because we have so much to offer a podcaster and have huge industry authority, we can likely land great shows.
  • You only redeem credits when we land a great guest appearance for you. Two credits per placement.
  • Unlike any other podcast guest agency, we strategize with you to ensure that you are getting return on investment. We care primarily about you earning revenue from your activity - not vanity metrics.
  • Please book 30 minutes with us first. We want to ensure podcast guesting will be profitable for you.

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