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Watch Video #1: Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

Our job is to help you create an amazing experience for our audience across all our platforms. This numbers more than 120K fans. We'll be creating video clips for social media, and producing & distributing the audio podcast itself.

We will share the full (unedited) video of our interview with you immediately after recording. You are also welcome to make your own recording. Please use it in a way that brings you value with your own audiences. You do not need to wait for us. You don't need permission. You don't need to credit us.

We want to make sure you look & sound great, attract some great business leaders your way, and have a lasting impact on my audience – and yours. We hope you will be proud to share our interview with all your audiences, as well!

Check your email for links to four important pre-interview videos and resources that will help you increase the impact of your podcast guest appearance. Or – you can watch them all right here! ⬇️ Keep on clicking and watching!

If you are actively seeking podcast guest opportunities, you may appreciate these 50+ podcasts we've help launch that are actively seeking guests.

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We create systems for consultants, coaches, agencies, and B2B service providers that attract your ideal partners, clients, investors, and centers of influence using platform & generosity. Learn more

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