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Stop competing with spammy amateurs for new business.

If you have some good authority in your industry, you do not need to compete with 'the riff-raff' in the 'red ocean' B2B lead generation platforms.

Your customers are looking to be celebrated for their success & experience - not 'creeped on' in the DMs, email, ads, or anywhere else marketers are lurking in the shadows. Stop. Please.

Watch me explain why traditional sales and advertising does not work for high-ticket sales and how you can save 10-20 hours every single week. 👉

Do you sell to leaders or followers?

If you want to connect with leaders, go where leaders go and network with them as a peer... don't ever do what the creepy hustlers do for leadgen.

I'm Josh Elledge - host of the daily podcast, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. I’ve had 2,500+ media appearances. I’m the founder of two 7-figure companies.

I’ve also done a ton of speaking and podcast guest appearances around what you’re about to learn!

I've interviewed more than 1700 consultants, agencies, and high-ticket service providers. The number one challenge I hear is...

"We love our word of mouth intros, and getting referrals - but we want consistent and predictable sales."

Here's what I've learned after those 1700+ conversations...

Today more than ever... Your network is your net worth.

If you want to connect to leaders, network like one.

Your End-To-End Funnel Marketing Solution

Build forms and funnel pages to capture leads, user automated sms, email, phone calls, voicemails, and Facebook Messages to nurture leads through custom pipelines, converse with leads & clients via text, phone, and Facebook Messenger (all in one stream!), and more!

My 1700+ guests have (painfully) shared what DOESN'T work:

  • Sales funnels

  • Webinar automation

  • White papers

  • Bots

  • Gimmicks

  • Ads

  • DMs asking for sales appointments

  • Being phony or manipulative

  • Lead-gen services

  • Low-key selling or self-promotion on social

  • Cold email spam

  • Being salesy

  • Content that nobody engages with

Quick results



Doesn't come across as slimy

Appropriate for high ticket sales

Automated Sales Funnels
High Volume Bots / DMs / Spam
Leadgen VAs / services
Running Ads for high-ticket B2B
SEO / Content /
White Papers
Word of Mouth / Referrals
Become a

PodCash Leader


Conversations in around 30 days


Our goal: (8-10) 100% inbound a month


See pricing below. Multiple ROI opportunities


100% appropriate for high-authority leaders


The only way to consistently attract VIP decision makers

If you are higher-authority in your industry and sell high-ticket ($10,000+ customer lifetime value), there is an UNLIMITED number of VERY qualified clients that will work with you.

There are just three problems:

  • You are currently invisible to your most qualified leaders.

  • The most qualified leaders are too busy to reply to your cold outreach and advertising.

  • The most qualified leaders are too busy to jump into your sales funnel.

Quite frankly, spammy, salesy outreach is beneath you.

How do YOU feel when people use manipulative or robotic tactics on you?

'Lead generation' is a temporary solution for newbie consultants and not appropriate for leaders like you to connect with other leaders.

Answer this question honestly...

How do you feel when some creepy marketer sees you as a 'sales lead' and stalks you to set up a sales call? 🤮

Why would you think of your valuable connections in this 'creepy' stalker way?

Worse yet... Why would you delegate this sort of activity to some sleazy hit-men? (Scary.)

The reality is... If you want to scale big-ticket sales, you must increase your rate of authentic, high-level relationships.

Your network of REAL relationships will get you out of the leadgen rat-wheel.

More connections equals more opportunity to scale, serve, and make the world a better place.

Give all highly-qualified leaders the attention they deserve and grow business together. They've earned it.

So have you. ❤️

Where do all these high-level introductions come from then??

Can I share something that may blow your mind if you've been living in scarcity for any length of time?

There is an ENDLESS number of potential customers for you. They just don't want to click on your ads. They don't want your DMs. They don't want your cold email.

Leaders know what you are doing when you are spending hours a week on social media trying to 'drum up' business. It feels... desperate.

You've likely met many of your best clients organically - and through just being a good friend with others.

To drive revenue and impact, we simply need to scale that activity without you spending all your time doing creepy stalking.

No... seriously stop. There's a MUCH better way.

You need to ditch the leadgen and live 'remarkable.'

  • I can help you create a system that facilitates 2-3 high-level connections to new high-level leaders every single week. These are warmed-up decision-makers (LEADERS) who actually LIKE you. They're not skeptical, cold 'lead' followers. This makes day-to-day feel SO much better. ❤️

  • If you have some industry credibility already, in 6-12 months you should be 100% inbound based on your potential customers' desire to connect with you. No more chasing!

  • No more running around drumming up business every week. We follow our own system and have been 100% inbound for 4+ years. We replicate this exact same system for our clients.

  • What will life be like when you no longer have to chase after business?

Watch: A VERY simple explanation of how your business scales and creates consistent predictable cashflow.

Join us and I can share YOUR story!

200+ UpMyInfluence concierge clients. All are 6-9 figure business owners/leaders.

Disclaimer: Your results are based on a number of factors. Let's chat so we can map out potential outcomes.

All are 6 to 9-figure business owners.

No more chasing clients. You deserve to be sought after.

PodCa$h Leader Concierge

4 months to guaranteed 8-10 appointments every month... In 6-12 months become remarkable & 100% inbound.

  • We're committed to results. Work together with your coach for 4 months. You also have unfettered access to everything else below for life.

  • Within 4 months of our work together, if you simply follow our proven system, you will have 8-10 high-level calls booked every single month.

  • If you do not start getting 8-10 appointments a month by the end of the 4 months, we'll work personally with you to help you fix this.

  • I chat with 40+ new amazing leaders every single month - and have for over 4 years. Stop chasing customers. Have them come to you!

  • If you ever drop below 8-10 high-level intros in a month, message your podcoach immediately, and we'll help get you back up to 8-10 or more. Simple.

We will build all the pages, scheduling systems, coach you on video creation, platform design, and automation for you.

  • Yes. We are going to custom-build the full system that we have deployed hundreds of times to attract amazing leaders in your clients' industry.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current website and scheduling system.

  • This brilliant system will do all the heavy lifting for you. It will save you 20+ hours/mo. in high-level customer attraction and nurture work. When we chat, ask me to show you how it works.

Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching calls. A lifetime of support!

  • Work 1-on-1 with your podcoach who has overseen hundreds of effective high-ticket sales connections.

  • Your first call is a 60-minute deep dive to work out your 12-month plan of action and find you the fastest path for $20,000 in new sales! We've done this a lot. We're pretty good at identifying revenue-driving activity.

  • As a PodCash Leader, you can request unlimited coaching calls.

  • We are available to you any time through a private group where your podcoach, project supervisor, and production team are always just one message away.

  • No high-ticket product? Chat with us first - but we can likely coach you on how to design and validate a high-ticket product that sells today. We see a LOT of offers and know what is selling.

  • Your coach will answer all your questions about our proprietary systems and methodology.

  • Massive accountability to ensure that you fill your sales schedule and close deals faster than ever before.

  • We'll review your sales activity, authority, and results in real-time.

  • Every problem in sales is fixable. Your coach will ensure you solve problems quickly to better skyrocket your revenues in the weeks and months ahead.

LIVE Interactive Coaching Workshops and Product Validation

  • Get your toughest questions/sales situations answered.

  • Validate your offer and get feedback from potential customers.

  • We'll meet monthly via Zoom - with archived workshops indexed with transcription available for easy access.

  • Connect with business leaders at your level.

  • Align with new partners and potential clients from our community of more than 200 business leaders.

  • Never silo your sales activity again! Connect and share ideas with your peers.

  • Two year's worth of call archives you can start watching/listening to immediately!

Private High-Level Community

  • 24/7 access to our team of coaches and high-powered community in Mighty Networks. (Not a lame Facebook group). We all laser-focus on high-ticket sales success.

  • No more guessing when it comes to sales. Share and gather ideas with business leaders at your level. Stop trying to figure out sales by yourself. Together, we're stronger.

  • Get feedback on your sales copy, marketing systems, and sales processes.

  • More than 100 active members. All are very serious about their sales and revenue growth. Most of whom are 6-7 figure leaders.

Practice Guides, PDFs, Links, Tools, Resources

  • We've curated years' worth of the best tools and resources for you.

  • You can use any CRM you wish. If you choose to use GoHighLevel for your systems, we'll give you our complete (one-click import) Snapshot - which includes all our email and SMS templates (more than 40+ communications), all our pages, and most importantly our full sales cadence - which will give you the exact system we use to authentically close lots of high-value clients with integrity.

  • When we recommend a sales tool, process, opportunity, software, or service, we'll explain how to MAX OUT the value of that resource. We seriously geeeeeek out on great tools.

  • Access our authentic, generosity-first sales scripts, action plans, and notes so you can finally make the sales you deserve.

  • We will share exactly how we built our lists of all our best partners and personal contacts we use today to grow new sales relationships.

🎁 Bonuses:

When you complete your first $50K in sales with our program, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • You will be recognized in front of all the other coaching participants.

  • We will feature you and your offer to our audience on the Thoughtful Entrepreneur Daily Podcast!

  • We will feature you to our huge list of PR and podcast agencies for one year!

  • We will promote your offer to our audience of 100K+ followers.

  • I'll also share my entire Media Influencer Mastery program with you. ($3000 value)

    I've been in the media more than 2500 times. I've spoken on dozens of very high-profile stages. I've appeared on more than 300 podcasts as a guest. This program will share exactly how I do that.

The sorts of messages I want to have with you...

Two guarantees to ensure zero risk for you:

Guarantee one:

If we take you as a concierge client, we are willing to absorb some risk in our mutual success. By your fourth month, you will have 8-10 high-level appointments booked every single month for the rest of your life as long as we are engaged.

If you don't get that volume by the end of month four, together, we will fix it - and we are willing to work pro-bono if we're not on track.

After nearly 200 clients, this is very a simple template for us to follow. We've done it before. We can do it with you. The only way you won't get the new high-level friendships is if you go rogue on us. We will match your level of commitment.

After month 4, if you ever drop below 8-10 intros in a month, just let us know. That's fixable. I've had 40+ every single month for 4+ years. If I can attract 40+, you can get 10.

Guarantee two:

Our first month is ZERO RISK.

If this doesn't seem to be an amazing system for exactly what you need, let us know within the first 30-days, and we will fully refund you.


If you are nervous... Let's just run a proof of concept to test and see if this would work for you - through our PodCash Leader FastStart. Then, together, we can make a better informed decision. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a good fit for you?

We require an interview/application before we commit to engage with you at the Concierge Level. We do that so that we are 100% confident in our ability to create success together.

We evaluate our concierge partners in 6 areas:

☑️ Culture fit. We don't work with sales funnel sharks. You need to be committed to relationship-first sales.

☑️ Do you have a high-value offer that would support our model? Our clients have offers that run $5000-$250,000. If your don't currently have a high-value offer, we can help build one through our done-with-you coaching program.

☑️ Your current sales conversion rate.

☑️ Your online authority.

☑️ Your ability to scale.

☑️ Our confidence in attracting your customer avatar.

Will this work for my offer?

It may – or may not. Let's chat. Our partners typically offer larger-ticket B2B products/services. We generally look for offers with a lifetime value of $10,000 or more.

We've worked with MANY professional services, coaches, consultants, mastermind facilitators, platforms, SAAS tools, real estate mentors and services, financial advisors, attorneys, developers, doctors, companies seeking investors, industry solutions, manufacturers, and companies seeking strategic partners of their own.

Will this work for my ideal customers?

Do your dream clients see you as an annoying PEST with your advertising, cold calls, emails, & DMs? How would you like to be their welcomed GUEST? Our partners aim for decision-makers with successful companies – or clients that are fairly resistant to ads.

We are in the midst of the marketing apocalypse – particularly if you want to communicate with a sophisticated, busy audience. They don't want your salesy email drip campaigns. They don't have time for white papers and webinars. Maybe they'll consume your content, but the world is SWIMMING in content! It's a simple fact: Today's leaders do business with people they have relationships with.

If you're just seen as a vendor/someone trying to sell them… good luck. That's why most ‘leadgen' services are awful.

☑️ You need AUTHORITY. Your customers are judging you… harshly.

☑️ You need a PLATFORM. Stop inviting people to sales calls. It just doesn’t work anymore.

☑️ You need to GIVE FIRST. Generosity is the key to authentic relationships.

Partnering with UpMyInfluence is the key to forming ten or more high-value relationships every month; Relationships that will last a lifetime; Relationships that will lead to networking unlike anything you've likely experienced; Relationships that will lead to all the business you and your company can handle.

You simply need to be talking to more qualified customers – who have the ability to pay and desire to pay. We'll create the processes which will fill your schedule with these new relationships.

How do you get the leads?

We are not a leadgen company. Please don't call your high-value guests leads. 🙂

We are eliminating the need for you to ever do 'leadgen' again.

High-level introductions is the simplest aspect of what you'll do when you follow our weekly and monthly action plans. There is a seemingly infinite number of potential customers available.

Where marketers typically screw this up is they start selling right away to REAL people – which makes any leadgen service worthless. How do you respond to people who spam you with ads, DMs, calls, cold email? Our mission is to get your dream clients to fall in love with you. That's our specialty. Your new system will create authentic relationships – led by our give-first proprietary systems.

We have a huge roster of contacts and over 130K on social. We have big databases of PR contacts that will assist us - and many key relationships. We will be actively promoting you as part of your system. You will also be following exactly what we advise you to share to your network so we can 'up' your influence and stop chasing customers.

Your podcast will grow in authority and influence and will be wildly attractive for all your future connections. They will come to you. No more chasing customers!

We will provide the leadership and support for you and your team to ensure that you are gaining 8-10+ intros monthly. If you ever drop below, 10 in a month, reach out, that's fixable.

Again - the goal is to never worry about this again. If I can chat with 40+ a month for 4+ years, you can get 8-10+.

Why is leveraging platform good for business?

I could spend an hour on this subject alone – and have spoken at many conferences about how my life has been changed with platform – like social media, podcasts, video, etc… Here are a few benefits:

☑️ Building a relationship with nearly anyone you want is one invite away.

☑️ In a single 20-min conversation, you can create more than 40 pieces of content.

☑️ Grow an audience in dozens of podcast directories, youtube, and all the socials.

☑️ Become a center of influence in your industry just from interviewing others!

☑️ Get some SERIOUSLY GREAT SEO love back from all those backlinks – every single week including backlinks from Audible, Spotify, IMDB, Apple, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and dozens more high-authority domains.

☑️ You will get regular opportunities to perfect your own message.

☑️ You will learn a LOT by asking for advice you really want to know.

☑️ Invite top-level guests and get customers.

☑️ Invite top-level guests and get partnership opportunities.

☑️ Invite top-level guests and network your way to the top.

☑️ Invite top-level guests and get speaking opportunities.

As our partner, you will get all this value – and we'll do all the heavy-lifting.

How much time will this take me/my team?

Our most popular question - and you need to watch my video above.

All of our concierge partners are busy running their companies. That's why this is a concierge-level, done-for-you system.

That said...

Plan on 60-90 min a week (of you or your team's time) in your first 4 weeks so that you can create a system that will free 5-20 hours weekly for the rest of your life. We will work 3-5X as hard as you. If you aren't willing to front load effort to leverage your authority for unlimited lifetime introductions, we're likely not a good fit.

Together, we're creating a system where you can simply show up and hit record. Don't worry about being "a podcaster." Most fail because of the immense workload and micro-management involved of guest management , production, and distribution. You are the talent. Let us worry about the minutiae and share in the leadership and infinite micro-decisions.

You have 1 very important job: your new incoming relationships. These aren't randos. These are your ideal connections who are saying YES to collaborating.

The truth is… you are likely currently spending too much time doing ‘CEO hustle' work. (Watch my video above)

Once we launch, you will spend more time networking with top-level leaders - not the CEO-busy work you may have been doing. You have an obligation to your company to invest 30-min showing up to build relationships with your ideal connections.

These are the folks you will engage with and collaborate to grow business. They may buy your services. They may make key introductions for you. There simply is no more important work for a growth-focused leader than consistently connecting with potential clients and partners today.

While you ramp up your authority and influence (until you hit REMARKABLE), you will be actively inviting the best of the best connections from your networks with our coaching and guidance. Promote your own podcast as diligently as possible to grow your authority in your industry. They will love you for it. We will do likewise into our networks. We're locking arms on this!

In 6-12 months, your podcast will grow to become a valuable target for future connections seeking YOU. No more chasing down clients when you hit this threshold. You've achieved 100% inbound. Congratulations! YOU ARE REMARKABLE!

Who am I working with?

Your podcoach holds the keys to the kingdom! She or he will be your pointperson – and will connect you with (or gather resources from) our full team of experts – which include sales & marketing strategists, copywriters, video production, integration experts, podcast hosts, developers, and designers. You'll have instant access to your podcoach and others in our private group within our members area. You'll also likely have 2-3 Zoom calls with them during the build-out phase and then monthly for our plan/do/reviews.

Josh, Alissa, Jite, Kimberly, or others will provide your higher-level strategy and coaching. You'll likely meet 2-3 times with either/both of them during the build-out phase – and then monthly for our plan/do/reviews.

We've done this for many years. We've launched hundreds of Podcash Leader systems. Our time spent together will likely inspire the exact strategy you need to achieve your growth goals.

How quickly can we make sales?

If you are building relationships with 8-10 or more qualified, nurtured high-level new friends a month that match your customer or partner personna, how many would you normally close into business together? How long would that normally take? That's your answer.

Getting you talking with more highly qualified decision makers is job #1. That's baked in to our system and we will match your level of urgency.

It's also baked into our system to build up their familiarity bias with you which generally creates a 'make friends' system with your ideal connections. Because they will feel like they already know you, you'll enjoy a productive collaborative relationship.

What do you think my ROI is?

Because we are employing a relationship-first approach, this is the best way to answer that question...

Imagine you are at a conference and you are speaking on stage in a panel - along with a several of your dream clients. Let's say afterward, you are able to have a meaningful, personal conversation with each of them. How likely do you think business would be? That should give you an idea of your numbers.

A 20% conversion rate is pretty reasonable. If you are chatting with 10 new amazingly qualified people every month, just work the math backward on your new sales revenue.

Aside from that, ethically, I will never make income claims. There are many variables we need to discuss.

Will I get to connect with your other partners?

We have more than 200 amazing concierge clients/partners. We break out into a high-level ‘sales mastery' workshop monthly. All our concierge partners are required to be earning 6-7 figures annually in business. No more guessing with your sales systems in a silo'd environment. We'd love for you to join us. It's pretty amazing to learn from each other.

This private community (NOT a facebook group) is free to participate (for life) when you join us. We believe in allowing our clients to connect and make our systems better for everyone.

What happens if I don’t like this?

It is absolutely critical that we have a great working relationship together. We'd count on you to be coachable. Likewise, we hope you'll always love the direction that we will take your sales and the manner in which we provide that help. If either of us doesn't feel great about the relationship, we'll part ways. We will refund your investment if we find it's not working within the first 30-days.

This being said, like any investor, we typically vet our partners pretty well. We will internally validate your offer/product/service (see Am I a good fit for you? above) – and may have some suggestions for increasing conversion and profit-margin.

We are also very sensitive to values alignment, and will not move forward with anyone we see as a shark/'bro-ey' marketer. If you see your customers as strictly numbers or dollars, I can tell you already that it's not a fit. We LOVE working with thoughtful leaders committed to making a positive impact in the world.❤️

Alright... What's the investment?

See below. We've set our pricing to follow a trend of value/outcome-based focus for our concierge partners. Our ambition is to minimize risk, max-out positive ROI.

We need to have a conversation about your customer personna, pricing and typical conversion rates. If I feel the risk is too great, I'll advise against moving together at this point.

Let's chat. We'll run some numbers and make sure it's a win-win.

We are the only experts on the planet who expertly work both sides of the coin when it comes to high-value connections through podcasts.



PodCash Leader: Guest

Review and coaching on your podcast guest performance and authority to help you earn more money for all future podcast guest appearances.

Guaranteed: 3 or more podcast guest appearances booked after we get our initial work done.

We'll help you build a PodCa$h Leader Media Kit

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Media Influencer Makeover System

Ongoing coaching to ensure you are profiting from your podcast guest appearances


PodCash Leader: Host

We'll design the perfect platform/podcast to attract the leaders you most need to connect with.

Prior to launching, we'll get an RSVP list of 15+ leaders who'd love to connect and network with you through your podcast.

Step-by-step guides, worksheets, resources, and walkthroughs to

drive unlimited inbound sales.

Training: Create and host the perfect video/audio platform that will attract your ideal connections.

Business Blueprint Resort Day

Training & Coaching: Design and validate an offer that sells today.

Training & Coaching: Attract & build relatiopnships with an unlimited number of your dream connections.

LIVE Interactive Coaching Workshops

Unlimited access to replays of workshops, summits and all future training sessions

Personal Coaching for driving cashflow through account based sales


Featured on our highly coveted members-only podcast directory

Private High-Level Community

Access to snapshots of our highly converting follow up cadences

Bonuses for creating your first $50K in sales

Guarantee: 8-10 high-level connections monthly

Within 4 months

Full GoHighLevel CRM included

Access to Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Forms & Analytics Tools

Up to 10 podcasts produced every month - edit, host and distribute, along with basic show notes and full length video

Social graphics production for each episode

Podcast profile promoted on a rotating basis to our network of 150,000 business owners

Guest management: We'll vet and handle all the communication with your guest prior to your interview including reschedules and recapturing no-shows and cancellations

$497 1-time


Concierge engagement is by application only.

Let's chat to see if this would be a great fit. 🙂

Josh Elledge Private Schedule

Josh Elledge - 30 min - Private

Josh Elledge - 30 min - Private - By invitation only please

30 Mins
Fri, Dec 1, 2023

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